Live-link CostX® data directly into your Excel® spreadsheets.


CostXL is an Excel® plug-in which allows Excel® to read CostX® data and live-link the data directly into its spreadsheets. Drag and drop measured dimensions from CostX® directly into the spreadsheet or set up a template so dimensions from your CostX® program automatically appear in your Excel® spreadsheet as they are measured. CostXL allows construction professionals to use Excel® more efficiently than ever before.


  • Fully integrated with network products from the CostX® range
  • Retrieves live data from the CostX® database for integration into any Excel® spreadsheet
  • Updates are automatically handled
  • Link dimensions, workbook values, rates, constants & values from the CostX® database directly into Excel®
  • Drag and drop from the CostXL task pane directly into the Excel® worksheet
  • Live links allow the Excel® user to see the dimensions in the drawings
  • Use Excel® to generate cash flow forecasts, progress claims, management reports, etc all from the live CostX® database
  • Generate charts & graphs using CostX® data
  • Handles data from multiple revisions on the same Excel® Worksheet
  • Ships with sample CostX® data and Excel® spreadsheets to get you going quickly
Why CostXL?

Many programs export data to Excel® but CostXL is different because the data is live-linked to CostX® itself. Whenever the CostX® data is changed the Excel® spreadsheet updates automatically! CostXL is an invaluable tool for any CostX® client who uses Excel® spreadsheets to work with construction data.

Compatible with ...

CostX®, CostX® 2D, CostX® Takeoff and CostX® Takeoff 2D network products from the Exactal range of estimating solutions.



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