BAM Construct UK
BAM Construct UK United Kingdom

"It's the best in the market that we have reviewed, in terms of ease of use and functionality for 2D and 3D take-off purposes. "

Gary Dowden, Preconstruction Director   Read More »

Rider Levett Bucknall
Rider Levett Bucknall Singapore

"With Exactal's commitment on the continuing development of CostX, we are confident that we would be able to achieve our targeted work productivity gains from BIM in tandem with the BCA's vision."

Silas Loh, Partner   Read More »

Brisbane Airport
Turner & Townsend Australia - Brisbane Airport

"Using CostX on the Brisbane Airport project enabled highly accurate quantities to be prepared & enabled the client to go to tender ahead of other projects that were competing in the same market."

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Mace International
Mace International Middle East

"The team here are happy that we made the move to CostX, especially me as I have been overloaded with Cost Plans and I know I would have missed every deadline if I had used our previous software."

Grant Crow, Cost Planning Manager

The Estimating Department
The Estimating Department Australia

"I highly recommend you get a demonstration of CostX."

David Palmer, Owner & Estimator   Read More »

Bruce Shaw
Bruce Shaw Ireland

"CostX is our preferred estimating tool and we are currently using it on every continent we are present in. Our first interaction ... "

Nicky Dobreanu, Senior Cost Consultant (Ireland)   Read More »

Willmott Dixon
Willmott Dixon United Kingdom

"Before CostX, I was using other competitor software. One of the appeals of making the switch to CostX was the added advantage of having CostXL available to us. CostXL can link into Excel spreadsheets and directly connect Excel to the data within the CostX program. This is a great benefit and makes the overall system very easy to use for my requirements. Very simply, it is easy to use, accurate and does what it says on the tin."

Caroline Williams, Precon Surveyor

M+W Group
M+W Group Ireland

"Working with CostX has enabled us to integrate our price databases and work breakdown structure codes into live measurements. Constant development of the software by Exactal ensures ... "

Rob Kane, Senior Quantity Surveyor   Read More »

Henry Riley
Henry Riley United Kingdom - Food Retail Fit Out

"Using CostX, all measurements were carried out digitally. The time saved on measurement allowed a clearer focus on value management opportunities and error checking in abnormal reviews..."

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Gray Robinson & Cottrell Australia - Hamilton Harbour

"CostX dramatically decreased the time we needed to spend measuring quantities. As a result, the time saved measuring was consequently spent on refining associated rates and allowed us to meet our strict deadlines while adhering to our impeccable standards."

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South Bank Boardwalk
Mitchell Brandtman Australia - South Bank Boardwalk

"CostX assisted our measurement takeoff with automatic 3D quantity generation. This was a great tool to use and streamlined our cost planning process. The revisioning function also assisted with design development, as it allowed us to provide advice to the client at integral points throughout..."

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JM Kelly
JM Kelly Australia

"You must at least trial CostX. We think you'll find it a crucial to your successful estimating as we do."

Tony Richardson, Estimating Manager   Read More »

BQH Limited
BQH Limited New Zealand

"CostX has the shortest break-even I have seen for this type of software."

Patrick Hanlon, Director   Read More »

Latchford Construction Cost Management
LCCM Ireland

" CostX saves time, and therefore makes projects more profitable."

Gavin O'Neill, QS & Owner   Read More »

ARAMBOL LLP United Kingdom

"CostX is an investment that is sure to provide efficiencies and improve accuracy in any cost management practice. "

Sam Johnson - Assistant Quantity Surveyor   Read More »

Origin Alliance
Origin Alliance Australia - Ipswich Motorway Upgrade

"CostX’s unique approach provides increased accuracy, efficiency & productivity in the take-off process (quicker than scale ruler). By automatically identifying all updated drawing revisions it allows fast revisions of drawings to be easily handled and eliminates traditional scope creep..."

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Williams Southern Limited
Williams Southern Limited United Kingdom

"CostX has helped us to improve our tendering efficiency. It has also enabled us to effectively work in both 2D and 3D models and integrate BIM modelling. "

Kevan Throgmorton – Senior Commercial Manager   Read More »

The Cairns Institute
Beacon Consulting Australia - The Cairns Institute

"With over 70% of our projects now taken-off directly from the BIM models, CostX allows us to deliver world-class quantity surveying services with high levels of accuracy. CostX saves us time and saves the client money by allowing us to be more competitive with our fee structure against firms not using..."

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CTS Shopfitting
CTS Shopfitting United Kingdom

"Before CostX, we were using Microsoft Excel. A major client decided to roll out BIM Modelling on all future projects and that's why we made the decision to switch to CostX. Now, we are compliant with the client's requirements and can comply with their BIM roll-out; plus we have the capability and experience to cost BIM models in the future should other clients implement BIM too. Overall, CostX is a powerful package that can provide sophisticated costing with clarity."

Iain Bartholomew, Estimator

Steele Wrobel
Steele Wrobel Australia

"CostX has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our service, with the transition from our old system being seamless."

Grahame Wrobel, Founding Director   Read More »

DCWC Australia

"CostX has focused our core business of cost planning and cost advice into the 21st century compared to other IT solutions in the marketplace. With CostX we can quickly analyse drawing revisions and simultaneously provide the cost impact. CostX are continually evolving the program and their maintenance program provides the necessary backbone to continuing those core business solutions for our offices nationally."

Mark Mammarella, Managing Director Queensland

Turner & Townsend Asia

"CostX is a game changer for the modern consultancy service. The ability to be able to capture 100% of the design direct from the 3D model and live link those quantities direct to your estimate, creates transparency... "

Callum Agnew, Associate Director (Asia)   Read More »

Sparta Systems
Sparta Systems United Kingdom

"CostX is an easy to use program which saves time and money. So it's a win-win! "

Andy Carr, Procurement Manager   Read More »

ICP Solutions
ICP Solutions Australia

"Using CostX in our office enabled us to produce accurate quantity take-offs on major international projects. CostX integrates well above expectation with the other systems and formats which we use within our business."

Tim Walker, CoManaging Director   Read More »

Identity Consult
Identity Consult United Kingdom

"CostX is an excellent measurement and cost estimating package with integrated phraseology and rate libraries, ensuring the software is easy to use. "

Paul Burridge, Quantity Surveyor   Read More »

Prowse Quantity Surveyors
Prowse Quantity Surveyors Australia - RMIT University

"Finding the right tools are part of the challenge for a Quantity Surveyor and CostX fitted this role perfectly. CostX fulfilled the need to provide technical data in the form of quantities in a fast and efficient manner. Its simplistic methods of obtaining accurate quantities enhance our roles as industry..."

Read More »

Measur United Kingdom

"Fast, effective and easy to use; CostX will improve your companies approach to measurement, with your time spent working being more productive than ever before. "

Matthew Steggall, Quantity Surveyor   Read More »

Client Documentation
Multi Span Australia Australia

"CostX has taken our company to the next step in providing us with the ability to produce timely and accurate cost plans, with ease of use and great support."

Martin Hood, Construction Manager   Read More »

Commonwealth Bank
MDA Australia Australia - Commonwealth Bank

"The ease of obtaining quantities from the CAD drawings and the structured way that changes in design are tracked by the system provides for efficient takeoff. The flexibility on the CostX workbooks enabled the Cost Model to address numerous project variables such as differing Project Types... "

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Newton Kerr + Partners
Newton Kerr + Partners Australia

"CostX has improved Newton Kerr and Partners’ ability to accurately and efficiently carry out the high-level service we strive to provide for our clients."

Jamin Crawley, Director   Read More »

Multi Span Australia
Multi Span Australia Australia

"Multi Span Australia has been using CostX for a number of years now and it is embedded into our project delivery cycle from initial project conception through to providing on site quantity control. With our in house 3D Design capabilities, CostX provides a great tool for working on the cost planning and control of our projects. It is easy to use and is accessed from various levels of people within our organisation. CostX has been a very stable platform for us and we get great product support.."

Martin Hood, Business Development Manager

Mitchell Brandtman
Mitchell Brandtman Australia

"CostX is an integral part of Mitchell Brandtman's 5D Cost Planning business and workflow. It has been that way since 2004 when we first implemented version 1.0. It was easy to decide to leave our previous provider because CostX had so many incredible features. There is always pain in making a shift but that's all history now because it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. The 3D capabilities of version 2.20 in 2006 and the support of the team have made it so!"

David Mitchell, Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor

The Estimating Department
The Estimating Department Australia

"A really good estimating software package, CostX successfully ties in all the key components:

  • Digital take-offs
  • Inter-linked and composite rate libraries
  • Intuitive measuring and pricing
  • An outstanding audit trail for materials orders
  • A powerful drawing revision & update system

Without exception, every Client I have worked with has been impressed with the power and potential of the software. I highly recommend you get a demonstration."

David Palmer, Sole Trader

Steele Wrobel
Steele Wrobel Australia

"CostX software has become an integral process of delivering our PQS services to clients. Accuracy of measurement is fundamental to many of our basic services and CostX gives us the ability to take-off from the drawings and file our electronic take-offs. It is particularly useful for similar projects or for project revisions, where we can readily identify drawing changes and updates. We are also beginning to explore the 3D modelling capabilities which is the future direction of documentation."

Grahame Wrobel, Director

Beacon Consulting
Beacon Consulting Australia

"Beacon Consulting was formed in 2007 and had been exposed to all other estimating and take-off software packages prior to this time. At the time we made a strategic decision to adopt CostX early based on our experience in Dubai and Ireland using BIM models for the purposes of Cost Planning and Estimating and the early promise that CostX showed in this area. Since 2007 we have nothing but praise for the Exactal team for the pace and regularity at which new versions and features have been added to the software, all of which have significantly improved both the software and our productivity. It is a fact that CostX saves us time, money and resources and is a cornerstone of our service delivery."

Greg McDonald, Director

Akalan Projects Pty Ltd
Akalan Projects Pty Ltd Australia

"I would like to thank you for all your work the other day and most importantly for finding a solution. You have made my life easier and it puts me at ease knowing if I require help in future, you will find a resolution immediately. I am so happy with the CostX program and especially the support from Exactal. I have used many different programs for Cost Planning/Estimating and I can honestly state in my opinion- CostX is number 1. Keep up the good work!

Joseph Campo, Senior Estimator

Pakatan International
Pakatan International Australia

"I have really enjoyed using CostX since our purchase, 2D measurement has never been so easy.

Izzwan Isahak, Quantity Surveyor

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